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I finally got off my lazy ass and finished re-sizing my megacon pictures XD.

 My favorite out of all the pictures of me and Garion.

The end!!!
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Hmmm me thinks you need to tell us who some of these charcs. are....I can tell a few...but not all.
I don't know who all of them are either XDD.
Those boots of yours are beautiful O_O; Where did you buy them? For how much? Gah x_x;
I know *-* I love my boots.
I got them at hot topic over a year ago...they were like...30$.
The guy in the tenth picture from the bottom looks like my Oppa. o-o

He's hot. X3 <3
O_O...The 10th picture down is me and Natalie.
From the bottom, dearie. From the bottom.
...XDDDDDD. Oops...I totally missed the "From the bottom" part O_O.
Teehee. So I noticed.

So, who's the sexy Korean guy?? o-o?!
Goooooshhh! FINALLY HOOOE!!!
GOSH I know XD.
Hey I reconized alot of those characters.
Awesome :D.
In the picture with you sitting on the pink thing and Julie standing next to you, the girl that is standing next to julie, on the far left, do you know her? Is her name Toni? She looks like someone I know who enjoys that stuff too, maybe that is her. Fun stuff.
XDD. It is Toni! The only reason I know her is because of you... you introduced me to her on Halloween... We hang out alot now XD.

Awesome pictures~!
You are so gorgeous.
And I love your boots XX33 <33

Aaw, thanks!
I love my boots too *-*.
omg wowwwwwww julie looks so different! i didn't even reckognize her! O_O
She just got a haircut the other day. She looks even more different! look adorable in those pics! And I think I remember seeing some of those other people around. ::nodds::
Thankies :D.
Awesomeness. ^_^