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Public post because I hope the little whore reads this :D.
Yeah... I apologize for all people on my LJ friends list. I'm not a violent person at all. But oh god. I was angrier than I've been in my ENTIRE  life today.
So... I saw the girl that is FUCKING UP BRADLEY'S LIFE today.
And let me tell you guys... I was LIVID. So... I walked out of spencers because I was about to punch this chick in her fucking face. And I took a walk. I come back to find out the little skanky slut said thatshe wanted protection from me because she was afraid I was going to "Beat her ass" and Yeah. I would have if I hadn't had SELF CONTROLL WHICH OBVIOUSLY YOU DON'T HAVE YOU CONTINUOUSLY SPREAD LEGGED WHORE.
Then Angela tells me that a few minutes later she goes "Oh I'd beat all of them down if I didn't have a job interview". That was it. So I decided to confront the bitch... Walked very angrily to the other side of the mall where she was having her little job interview at cinnabon. So... I decided I didn't want to fuck her life up too much. So I let her continue the interview in peace. Untill I hear her telling the fucking lady that "I'VE BEEN STALKING HER FOR A LONG TIME" WHAT THE FUCK! I haven't seen the bitch in a few months... and last time I did, I had no reason to HATE her. So... That pissed me off. I hear the cinnabon lady say "Ooh honey I'd gladly call security for you to get her away from you!"
Little whore" Oh would you? I'm really scared she's going to hurt me!" Stupid whiney fuck. So the lady picks up her phone to call security. That right there was the last straw. I walked up... Said "How FUCKING dare you." and walked away. That was it. I couldn't stop shaking for about a half hour. I was so mad. I honestly just wanted to pnch her. To see her in pain would be wonderful just because of what she is doing to one of my best friends.

A message to the little slut bag- Rape isn't something to joke about you fucking cunt. How DARE you make up a story like that when you know FULL well you were the one who took advantage of the situation. YOU instigaed everything you little slut. and just because he didn't go out with you is no reason to say he raped you. You best be glad you didn't pull that same shit with Shawn. Although you did make a fucking ass out of yourself all the time around everyone. Find a single guy and stop fucking with people you stupid whore.

I apologize. I just can't take it. I'm sick of this. Physically and emotionally. I've NEVER been this angry... and I normally don't use that many swear words.
Also... I'm terribly sorry for using the "c word" I NEVER use that. But nothing else can explain her.
Oh... and I'd appreciate it if at least ONE person could possibly take a screen shot of exactly what was said in this post just incase. I'm not going to make it F/O.
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