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Hm... So things have been fairly decent lately.
All the drama is really starting to die down... thank fucking god. I honestly couldn't take too much more of it or I would have snapped.
Theres a girl that I really like in my 3rd period... and things are actually working to my advantage... She likes me too. I asked her to homecoming and now she's my date :).
She's freaking gorgeous... I'm amazed she likes me. But she does.. so its all good :).
Some kid at school today just looked at me and said "God you're fucking ugly" for no reason whatsoever... and people wonder why I have low self esteem. Eh... So finally an update! Sorry about the songs but the lyrics meant something to me.
JJ and Chris both filled out applications at my work... It would be awesome to work with at least one of them.

Today in 2nd period we were talking about cyclops and things like that and I was joking around and forgot Nina had my camera... The picture was too amusing to delete even though I look like a dork.

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