Silver Night Rain (ginaamaya) wrote,
Silver Night Rain

So let's face it: EVERYONE has something that they've wanted to tell someone for weeks, months, or even years that they haven't for one reason or another. Maybe you were too scared. Maybe the situation wasn't right. Maybe you tried to tell them but they didn't get the full effect of what you were trying to say. Whatever the reason, it's been building up inside of you and driving you insane.
Okay. Say it. Right here and now. Whatever it is, just leave an anonymous comment saying directly or indirectly what it is that you want that person to know. It can be good or bad, something you want to confess, something you lied about, absolutely anything. It's like a church confessional, only online and not in a small, cramped booth. And while it isn't exactly the same as telling the person face to face, it may take a little baggage off of your shoulders...even if it's only a few ounces.
Anonymous posting is enabled, I'll never know who you are.
1, 2, 3 go!
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