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Public entry...Just for you Marc -_-.

This entry is public just so Marc can read it. For those of you who don't know I took Marc off my friends list and I had very good reasons for doing so. If you want to know why just read the little Message I'll write for Marc.

I left a comment in Marc's journal and all I said was "I removed you from my list so please do the same"
His response:
lol, ur still pissed off? Ya, thats pretty funny that ur just gonna stick to one thing forever that is completely meaningless... The scene sounds familiar though... No wonder u never get over things and keep grudges, what friends u have will show that. Well if u still wanna stay mad at me for sumthing a) I dont even kno I did and b) I doubt I did cuz u were a real friend, whatever then, ur loss and not mine. I just feel like keeping u on my friends list so u can live with that. I could be like u and take me off your list and have nothing better to do with my life then talk smack about me, but go for it, I really dont care cuz ur just gonna be all emo and crazy and bitchy and giving up a good friend... Have fun with life, and also have fun with ur sister when she gets back :-p... Dont get TOO hur... NVM ^^;;

My reply to that:
Yes Marc I'm still pissed off. But I'm pissed off because of recent things. You called me a friend to my face when all you did when I wasn't around was talk behind my back. I don't like to associate myself with people like you. I do not hold grudges. Cesar is a fine example of that. There were plenty of times Cesar and I got into very heated arguments and said bad things to each other. If I held grudges Cesar and I would probably not be friends right now. But I forgive and forget because he apologized and we have a wonderful friendship that has lasted almost 8 years.
Ever since we met you have done nothing but backstab me...Or treat me like shit. You talk behind my back all the time (and yes Marc my friends do tell me things you've said behind my back.) and the most recent example of this happened just a week ago when you said "Kyle is probably sad because he's dating Kristen" and you also called me a freak (Which really didn't bother me that much but yeah it is not something I expect to hear a friend say about me in an offensive way). Marc, You never even made an effort to talk to me or anything. You spread rumors about me...and you've said horrible things about me. You've also never apologized once. I've given you many chances and you're not getting another. I didn't take you off my list because I want to "talk smack" about you. I don't do that to people, unlike you. I took you off my list because it is my "friends" list. I don't want people who I'm not friends with crowding up my friends page because If I'm not reading your entries why keep you on? I could talk about you all I wanted if you were still on my friends list with custom friends groups. Your entries on my friends page and your username in my profile would be an association with a person I don't want to be associated with and a waste of space.
You know what you did but you just don't want to admit it.
But whatever, thats your choice and I won't worry about that because I'm done with you. You're nothing to me. Losing you as a "friend" will not make me "emo" because I really don't care. I'm not giving up a good friend...I'm throwing away something that has no value whatsoever to me.

P.S: The bottom comment about my sister made absolutely no sense whatsoever. My sister comes over frequently to do her laundry and we haven't fought since she moved out. So know what you're talking about before you try to use it as ammo.
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